• Mission
    Eco-friendly gardening, Climate Action, composting, GIY, sustainability, biodiversity, kids gardenin
  • Courgette soup
    For Courgette (or Zuchini) and cream cheese soup: Creamy Courgette Soup Delicious but low calorie 3-4 large courgettes 3 medium onions 1 1/2 pints boiling water 3 chicken stock cubes (or gel
  • Our back garden

    Here are a couple of video virtual tours of our back garden.  If you want a garden like this but you are not sure where to start please give us a shout.  

    Patio, ferns and water feature... Sound up

  • Growing tomatoes
    What you need to know about growing tomatoes...

    ...from planting the seeds in spring  right through to harvesting the lovely fruits in summer and autumn. It is really not hard to do.  Zack (8) shows

  • Easy container potatoes

    Sam demonstrates how to easily plant potatoes in a container  it is easy and fun all you will need is...

    Compost Potatoes A decent sized container

     If you find a green potato do not eat it. Th

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  • Manyplants
  • MontanaPot2
  • ShineALight
  • SpringWater
  • Summer
  • Acersbath
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