Growing tomatoes

What you need to know about growing tomatoes...

...from planting the seeds in spring  right through to harvesting the lovely fruits in summer and autumn. It is really not hard to do.  Zack (8) shows you in the videos below how to do the main tasks.     This is a really fun way to introduce kids to gardening and growing you own food.  When you grow your own food there is less food waste, no air miles and no packaging involved.  We want to make growing tomatoes and other food accessible to beginner gardeners and kids.  This is a simple action you can take towards reducing climate change.  

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Look out for our GardeningWell Fun Facts below

Planting the seeds in a seed tray. 

This video is for dahlias but the process is exactly the same for tomatoes.  Read the back of the packet also to confirm the planting depth and the time of year you are planting at etc.  The seeds will start to sprout from the soil in a couple of weeks: 

GardeningWell Fun Facts The beginning of this process is called "Germination" and the plant is known as a "seedling" at this point.  

Transplant into small pots

Later when the seedlings are 2 or 3 inches high transplant seedlings from the seed tray into small pots. 

GardeningWell Fun FactsThis is also known as "pricking out".


Move into bigger pots

When the plant is 4-6 inches high and the roots start to emerge from the bottom of the pot it is time to move it into a bigger pot. 

GardeningWell Fun FactsThis is also known as "transplanting" or "Potting on".


Plant tomatoes into a growbag.

Using our home made ring culture system... You will need:

  1. A growbag
  2. Tomato plants
  3. old pots 18 inch, 3 old pots 12 inch
  4. A growbag tray (optional)
  5. A marker
  6. A pair of scissors



  • Ask an adult to cut the bottom out of all of the pots.
  • Choose a sunny location out of strong winds, up against a wall that gets a lot of sun (south facing) is a good place.
  • Put one of the larger containers on top of the growbag in the middle and draw a circle around it. Cut out the plastic in the shape of the circles.
  • Take one of the larger containers and put into the hole and about half way down into the compost.
  • Take one of the smaller containers and place inside the bigger one. Push down a little bit.
    Remove the plant from it’s pot – place one hand on the surface of the compost and don’t be afraid to turn the pot upside down and squeeze on the pot.
  • Place the plant into the smaller circle... Plant as deep as you can but leave some leaves at the top as the stem will make more roots if it is under the ground.
  • Top up with more compost.
    GardeningWell Fun FactsThe water goes between the two pots and the food goes into the inner pot.


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