Planting Indoors

  • If you want to start early then you can plant sunflowers indoors starting in Early April.  . 
  • Plant 2 seeds in each container   in small pots or modules in April indoors. 
  • Keep in a heated greenhouse or on a windowsill. 
  • Keep the compost moist but not sodden . 
  • Move into to larger pots when the roots start to show through the holes in the bottom.   
  • Use a bamboo or such to support the plants when they get to about 6 inches.
  • Plant our to their final position in the ground or in a large pot when they get to between 30 and 60 Centimeters in early June

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  • Sunflowers should be planted  3 centimeters deep and about 15 centimeters apart in May when the soil is warm where you wish to grow them.
  • You can plant in a sunny spot that is not too windy.
  • They like a bit of a feed so work some well rotted manure or home made compost into the soil before planting.
  • You might need to stake the taller ones with a bamboo cane.  


Sunflowers are extremely  beneficial to pollinators such as bees, hoverflies and butterflies because they produce asses of nectar and pollen ...and they look great!  

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